"Are you ok?" from Natalka Vorozhbyt that just won „best short movie“ at the Kiev critics week festival. It was also the opening movie of 75Locarno this year. It’s a wonderful story about the War in Ukraine and the traumatic effects on a young mother and her child.

April 2021

"MALE WINNER Acting Tournament COMEDY by Ivo Consi and Nancy Bishop Casting"

'MALE WINNER of the Acting Tournament Comedy: THOMAS WEILHARTER
(@thomasweilharter )
Thomas now became the CHAMP CHAMP of the Acting Tournament! :D It is always a pleasure to see him perform and you never know what he has prepared for you. I have seen the Mr. Bean scene many times and therefore didn’t expect the ketchup moment and it cracked me up right at the start. There were so many cool moments. I also like the outfit and have to say that the reader this time played a major role too. Thomas, you need to buy Vero a beer! :D Btw the beer in the scene was also a nice idea, the fact you can make it shake it up gives you just another moment in the scene. This is the first tape and the second was a bit too long, but still same quality of acting. In this one, my only note was that he could be more scared to be seen when getting rid of the food and in the end he could be more upset and try harder to blame it on the waiter. But overall it was a great performance and huge challenge since there was not talking and all the acting had to be done with eyes, body language and with props.
Well done Thomas for being the first Champ Champ of the Acting Tournament! '

"LOST LOVE (Almost, Maine)"
Los Angeles (virtual) for ACCIO Theatre

Vero Eli Schwarz & Thomas Weilharter performing a scene from "Almost, Maine" by John Cariani. (Accio Theatre's LOST LOVE April 16th, 2021)
Director: Laura Przybilla
Role: East

November 2020

"MALE WINNER Acting Tournament by Ivo Consi and Nancy Bishop Casting"

'MALE WINNER of the Acting Tournament November 2020: THOMAS WEILHARTER
(@thomasweilharter )
Thomas was great from the first take. This is his second tape. He looks like the character before he even speaks, not just the clothes, but something in his eyes, the body language. The transition from hope to despair was amazing. It was what I hoped for with the challenge and Thomas was able to deliver with absolute class and so smooth that I could just go with the ride. He took his time, and it might seem long watching it on one go, but in in real film it would be cut with the shots of his dead wife etc. What was essential was the smooth transition without hiccups. That’s what I would want to see if Id be casting this role - the actor's ability to be immersed in the role every second of the tape.'